Legal terms

Legal Terms

Despite the contents of these pages are subjected to updating and continuous verification, it can however occur mistakes and/or omissions. All the studies, documents and worksheets that you can download from this site are predisposed with the maximum attention but the user is always kept to check its exactness and it is responsible of the choice, of the installation and of the use. In case of vices Bespeco Professional S.r.l. doesn’t assume any liability for direct, indirect, particular, accidental or by-return damages suffered from the consumer or from third in dependence of the use or of the missed use of the withdrawn product. The consumer won’t be able in any way to distribute to third (neither free neither for value), to copy, to alter, to modify or however to adapt the documents without the written consent of the author. 
Bespeco Professional S.r.l. is not responsible in any way of the Web sites to which you had to enter through the present site. When you enter through a link to an external Web site, please remember that it is independent from Bespeco Professional S.r.l. and that this one doesn’t have any control on the content of the above mentioned sites. Besides, the existence of an hypertextual connection (link) toward an external site doesn’t involve the approval or the acceptance of responsibility from Bespeco Professional S.r.l. about the content or the use of mentioned site. It is your responsibility to take every necessary precaution to assure that anything you decide to withdraw and to use is deprived of destructive elements like, for example, virus.

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